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Currently, if someone uses my meeting link it creates a date and time on a calendar. That time is blocked out and cannot be booked again. 

However, within the CRM, in any Contact Record, I can book the same time as an existing meeting and it doesn't "confer" with my meeting calendar -- meaning I can double book for the same time. Not good!

It seems like these two tools should be working off the same calendar.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hi @bobburk , 


To confirm, it sounds like you are booking meetings from a contact record by following the steps as outlined here, is that correct? If so, you can connect your calendar through either the Google or Office 365 calendar integration as outlined in this documentation so meetings booked using the Schedule option are synced to your connected calendar.


I do want to preface that this will not block off times when scheduling a meeting through a contact record, this will only sync meetings to your connected calendar from HubSpot, and vice versa.