Super confused about conversations inbox


Hi, I am just getting started with the free version of the CRM and am super confused about the conversations inbox. 

There are 10 people on our team. We don't want a shared inbox. We all want to manage our own email. I haven't added anyone yet because I am so confused about why there are so many email options when I log in. Can someone help me understand the following?


  1. Why aren't emails that are addressed to me automatically assigned to me?
  2. How can I close the conversations inbox? 
  3. Where should I be checking my email? There are "all conversations", "assigned to me", "unassigned" and "email".
  4. I have spent an hour reading thru all the documentation here. But I just can't figure it out. And I don't want to add any more of our team to this if we can't easily manage our email with it. 


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Hi @LFrazier,


Conversations inboxes can indeed be a bit confusing. Generally, these are meant as shared inboxes, for channels to be monitored by multiple users. This could be a team email address, a website form or a connected social messenger. Conversations inboxes are not a place where you would connect your individual email address.


The equivalent of a personal inbox does not exist in HubSpot (and conversations inboxes should not be used to try to create it). HubSpot assumes that you'll still be using your regular personal inbox (Gmail, Outlook etc.) and integrate that inbox with HubSpot. There is however no place in HubSpot where you'll see all of your own, personal incoming emails. (That's just how HubSpot is designed. Don't shoot the messenger.)


Regarding your first question, this is due to the shared nature of conversations inboxes. In the inbox settings, you can however set this up: Menu > Conversations > Inbox, click Inbox settings > Channels (lower right). Now you should see your connected inbox. Hover your mouse over it, click Edit and you should be able to set up automatic assignment. (This option might not be available in the free tools.)





On question 2, could you specify what you mean? The inbox does not need to be closed, you'd simply navigate to another part of HubSpot or close the tab.


The answer to your third question depends on how you set up automatic assignment of conversations (see above) and how you set up your inboxes. If someone else takes care of assignment, you'd check only your assigned conversations. If inboxes are set up in a way that users should pick conversations themselves, they would do exactly that.


Again, these inboxses are meant for shared channels, not for your personal email. Your personal email should be connected following these steps:


You would still check your email where you checked it before using HubSpot. (It seems like Conversations inboxes can be bent to be used as a personal inbox. However they're not designed to be a personal inbox.)


Hope this clarifies things!

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