Street Address and billing address, best practise?

Hi all,


We have some difficulties on the approach for my client that work in sales with an own production line inhouse.


We would like to have an automation when a deal is in a certain stage (registrered order) with the correct information to production so they get the correct information.


For now the setup is that I have created two new properties on "Deals". One is "Street Address" and the other one is "Billing Address" because they would like this in the automated email directly to Problem is that the client for now need to fill in addresses for each seperate deal even though we have the correct info in company information.


The workflow is based on hitting a certain deal stage as I said before,  so I can't choose to display company information through tokens because I can only use tokens from "Deals". 


It feels like a missing a really easy way to workaround this?


Best solution in HubSpot to send automated mail to a certain emailaddress when a deal goes in a certain deal stage and the information that is crucial in that email is deal name, billing address and street address? 


Best regards,

John from Sweden

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Street Address and billing address, best practise?

Hello @John-Wick 


Happy Monday, great question! I will tag some top experts to share their thoughts about it, @Josh, @Anonymous, @Simplii  what would be your suggestion to @John-Wick matter?


Thank you!


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