Stop seeing the "Tracking data is not available" message


I know that other people have commented on this but this feature is really annoying. We, like others, do not want to track emails sent out to our clients for a multitude of reasons (below copied from another post).

  1. It's distracting and impossible to ignore the little extension icon - oh, who opened my email just now. 
  2. It can affect email deliverablilty, Gmail and Outlook becoming more restrictive to active email accounts over time.
  3. As someone said, we respect our clients and don't need or want to track our clients like that.
  4. It's super annoying and at least there should be a "don't show me this bs again" button

We are aware of this as a conscious decision and do NOT need to be reminded of it on EVERY email. The message is so big that it overtakes the email itself on the initial view. Clearly this is intentional to promote Hubspot's tracking capabilities but surely there is an easy way to remove this in settings? Users are aware of the capability now after seeing it incessantly for 6 months, surely this can be turned off now?


This would be a much appreciated development if not already in the pipeline


I'm this issue again as it has been marked as an accepted solution but the solution given does not address the core issue of removing the distrcting and annoying message.


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Hey @RichardG 


The message you are seeing cannot be modified. Have you disabled the tracking from within the extension? You can choose not to track the emails either by disabling tracking, changing the setting within the extension, or ensuring each email isn't tracked. 


I hope this helps


Thank you and Happy Friday!


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Many thanks but the whole point is that we have email tracking turned off within the intergrations settings on our account and on the Outlook extension. So, with tracking disabled we are still getting these messages on our HubSpot. It is very very annoying.


I understand the message, we just need to get rid of it

"Tracking data is not available for this email
xxxxxx Support Team chose to log this email but not track it. Learn more"

Quick and dirty solution:


Block the page element using the browser extension "uBlock Origin", which is available at least for Firefox and Chrome on Windows, using the custom filter "".


Quite easily done with uBlock's built-in element picker.



-- It's a per-client setting.

-- Future changes in Hubspot's web interface may require you to tinker with filtering rules (right now they don't break anything).

-- Default rules also filter out Facebook, Google Analytics, and Hubspot's own analytics (fine with me...)