Sorting in Task and Queue views

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I find it incredibly frustrating that in Task view, I can sort by Title, Type, and Date, but not by Associated with.   With the way Hubspot is designed you can have multiple tasks created by the system, and if you're trying to work a Queue, it can create problems.  Why not allow us to sort by Associated With so we can more easily delete duplicate tasks??

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Hi @jabadia18


I would recommend voting for this idea. This requests a similar functionality to what you are looking for. 


Thank you,

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Hi @jennysowyrda,


Thanks for the heads up.  I actually tried to search for a topic before I asked the question.  Still seems a bit silly this isn't already done.

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Hi Jenny,


Sorry for not responding earlier, but no, that would not equate to the functionality my team needs.

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In our company, we are 5 people using the platform. We already find it difficult to keep up with the task list. This would be a very useful feature.

I would also suggest new "assigned by" column to be added.

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Jabadia, and anyone else, if you find or create a Hubspot Idea on the ideas forum, please post a link here so we can all go over and upvote it. I need it also.