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New user to Hubspot, but seems to have some oddities I can't figure out. 


  • Why is sorting by "Associated Company" not available to be sorted in the Contacts list?
  • How do I change sorting by first or last name in Contacts?  The app makes it very easy, but I can't find the same option on the desktop version. 
  • What is the purpose of "Company" when it seems to have little to no functionality or any attached data like "Associated Company"?
  • Why is the alphbetical sorting often wrong.  Looks like it's taking upper or lower case into consideration which is absurd. 
    • I.E. I have a company that starts with a lower case "s", and it shows up underneath a company that stars with an upper case "T" in the companies list. 
    • I also have a company with the second letter as an upper case "R" showing above a company with the second letter a lower case "o".  So it's listed as "PR" and then "Po".  
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There is an idea board where you can recommend items to be added.  The not sorting by an associated company is a struggle for me as well.


Sorting by first or last name - Here is a Community post on this.


Here is a Knowledge-based article on contact default properties. I have recently hidden the company property in contact as it does not seem helpful to me.  


Here is a Community Post where I asked about sorts.


Hope this helps.





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Much appreciated Chris, thank you.