Simple inventory solution


I work on an integration and we want to show the available quantity of a product. There is any inventory solution today, they just use an excel file but they want to use a CRM to manage there sales process.

I'm looking for a way to see the quantity of product that I can sell to my b2b client. The idea is to have a number of product that hava quantity, when I add a line product to a deal, the quantity decrease...

I try with Panda Inventory, but I can't connect product line to product inventory...

Thanks for your help


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Simple inventory solution

Hi @danmoyle 


Thanks for your reply. I read the thread, but I'm not sure this is a solution.
My client doesn't have solution for his stock... And I'm looking for a solution witch work only with HubSpot for the moment... Maybe the idea with the ticket objet but I'm not sure...

Thanks again, and I'm open for other proposal

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Simple inventory solution

Hi @GFILALI. I found this thread that may help: Inventory Management Solutions. There's a good discussion there with resources and possible solutions. I also found this outside source with "best inventory management apps" that integrate with HubSpot, since HubSpot isn't exactly an inventory solution. I hope that helps! 


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