Sharpspring Data Migration/Sync

Hey guys,


We're migrating CRMs from Sharpspring to Hubspot and I'm a bit stuck, keep getting sent the same no-answer webpages to read, not solving my issue or giving a clear answer to my question.


I've synced contacts, and they've all been bought over, beautiful. 


But these contacts are all empty asides from the name, company name and email address.


I understand I can use custom properties to bring over other elements, and am hoping when I get to this that things like primary campaign (their first touchpoint) will also pull through and update. 


My question is, how can I migrate over the life of lead from Sharpspring to Hubspot?


I'm sure it won't look the same - but I need to bring over the data. The data like 'visited this webpage' 'received this email' 'previous correspondence.


This is all incredibly important data towards our attribution, as I'm sure you understand, and at this point, I'm feeling a little helpless that I'm about to lose a lot of data...


Can anyone help?



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HubSpot Employee
HubSpot Employee

Sharpspring Data Migration/Sync

Hi @AmberVellacott , 


Thanks for reaching out to us.  Happy to help you out today 🙂


I was taking a look at sharpspring's migration tools and it doesn't seem as though that page view / cookie information can be exported, then imported into HubSpot


Using the CRM Migration Tool – SharpSpring




Website tracking data is available through our integration through PieSync. I'll keep you posted on the updates.


Sync contacts between HubSpot and SharpSpring - PieSync




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Sharpspring Data Migration/Sync

We're moving from SharpSpring to HubSpot and wondering the same thing as @AmberVellacott. It appears that PieSync no longer exists. Any updated information on this and how to migrate our life of the lead data over?