Shared document footer profile image and info doesn't match settings profile settings


I am sharing documents with potential clients and the profile image and email address at the footer of that shared document presentation screen is out of sync with my edited profile information. I have no idea where the footer image came from, since the profile image (with me wearing a jacket) is the only one I've uploaded. Is this a bug? Am I missing something?



My image shown in the footer of the doc presentation sharing portal should be the one with the jacket like in the settings and the email should be the domain I've added as an alias even though my account login email is another one that I used to originally set up the account. Any help would be much appreciated.


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Hi @swbratcher  This isn't a bug, but the algorithm that grabs the photo attached to the documents has not been updated for a while. I checked in my portal also, and it's using a profile photo from two years ago. 


I've reached out to the dev team about this and they've infomred me that a fix to bring in the current user avatar will be released shortly, most likely with our product updates at INBOUND at end of the month. 


I apologize that you don't have more contol over this. It should be resolved soon. 




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