Set a default reminder to new tasks


Whenever I set a new task, I need to manually go to that task and set the reminder. Otherwise, I won't get any notification (email or push) that reminds me of that task.

This really pulls the sting out of the task, for people who don't sit in front of Hubspot all.

Is there a way to set a reminder by default to all new tasks?

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Set a default reminder to new tasks

Hi @MiaSrebrnjak ,

This does work great; however, when that task due date arrives, the reminder then defaults back to "no reminder."  So, if I need to push that task out a day or two farther, I ALSO have to remember to reset the reminder.  Is there anyway to ALWASY default a task to be associated with a reminder?


BTW, I don't like completing that task if I've reached out to the client and making a new task as that really starts to congest the activity feed. I much prefer to have a task to remind me to reach out, then push it out to remind me that I should have heard back from reaching out, so I can reach out again if needed to obtain the info I'm awaiting. 

Community Manager
Community Manager

Set a default reminder to new tasks

Hi @TSaar,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community! You can set defaults for creating new tasks in your account settings (the gear symbol in the top right corner) > Profile & Preferences

Screenshot 2021-10-25 at 18.18.29.png


I hope this helps! 


Mia, Community Team


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