Set Contact Business Unit to the same as the Contact Owner?

Hello all! 

I'm trying to see if I can setup a workflow to catch something that gets missed here and there if someone is manually entering a contact into HubSpot: The associated Business Unit. 


I'd like to make a workflow to check if a Contact has a Business Unit assigned, and if they do not, assign them the same Business Unit as their Contact Owner. I don't seem to be able to pull that info within a workflow. Does anyone have an ideas as to how this can be accomplished? Thanks!

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Community Manager

Set Contact Business Unit to the same as the Contact Owner?

Hey @PGibson3, thank you for posting in our Community!


I would recommend creating a custom property for Business Unit in your Contacts properties settings if you haven't already. Set up a workflow with a trigger that activates when a new contact is created or when an existing contact is edited and add a condition to check if the Business Unit property is empty.

If the Business Unit property is empty, use the "Set Property Value" action in the workflow. However, since HubSpot doesn't directly support setting the Business Unit to the Contact Owner's Business Unit in a workflow, you may need to employ a workaround.


To our top experts, @Josh @TomM2 do you have any recommendations for @PGibson3 matter?


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