Sequences - Bulk changing Assignee


Here’s my dilema. I’m a sales manager and today I imported and enrolled into a sequence a list of roughly 300 contacts for my reps.

I made sure they were all assigned properly when enrolling into the sequence but all of the tasks were assigned to me.

Now that the sequence is live I’m having to manual edit assignee to the right rep. I thought if I transferred the first task the others would follow ownership. They don’t, 300 Task #2 just showed up in my view. It’s a nightmare.

So- My gut is that the only way to fix this is to unenroll everyone and reimport the list. My fear is that I will be unable to reenroll them in mass.

Does anyone know if this is possible? Would they reenroll as long as they weren’t in an active sequence?

Also do you know how to make sure contact owner assignee follows the rep?

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Community Manager

Sequences - Bulk changing Assignee

Hello @MTarrant

Currently, it is not possible to assign a sequence on behalf of another user.  As a workaround, you would have to be logged in as that user or the user to send the sequence themselves.


I was able to find this post in the HubSpot Community Ideas forum. Upvoting here will alert our Product Team to the popularity of this request. Doing so will also auto-notify you if/when this functionality becomes available within HubSpot. You may read more about how that review process works here. The idea is currently is being reviewed.


I hope this information helps.



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