Sent emails not showing in CRM


Hi guys,


We have sent a number of emails yesterday using the CRM platform with a gmail account which is attached to it. Now, some of the emails are not showing in their respective contact's page. They do show the "<client name> opened the email...>. 


Also, a number of notes that I know I created have misteriously disappeared from several contacts. 


Please help?


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Hi @alx980 Can you provide a bit more information? Specifically we'll need to know the name of a contact whose notes disappeared, and the approximate time the notes dissappeared, and if you still are experiencing this. 


Regarding the email issue, we'll need to know a specific email sent that didn't log (we'll need the headers to the message) in order to trace it to the contact in the CRM. 


Please feel free to send the info using a community Private Message if neccesary. 


Thank you,

Ed Justen

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