Send templated email to a list of contacts

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How can a user send a templated email to a list of contacts all at once and have that email logged on each individual's contact record? 


We are trying to promote email outreach from our sales team.  As a marketing group, we are facilitating this by creating templates that all sales users have access to.  The problem is there doesn't seem to be a way for a user to send a templated email to a segmented list of contacts.  


Most of our users could not manage a sequence and we are trying to encourage them to do the outreach and want to reach out to leads that may not have subscribed to marketing emaisl which is why we are not sending it as a marketing email.  


In previous experience with other CRM's like salesforce, we were able to create a template, give all users access and then the users were able to send that template to multiple contacts at once and have the content of that email logged on each individual contact record.  Currently with Hubspot, 

Please note: when logging emails using the BCC address:

  • HubSpot will create a new contact record for anyone CCed on your logged email. However, when a recipient is BCCed in an email, the email will not create a new record, and if the recipient exists as a contact, the email will not be logged on their existing record.

What is a workaround/solution for this?

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Send templated email to a list of contacts

Sequences are the only solution to this. If you create a single email sequence, they can navigate to a list or Contact view in HubSpot and bulk-select records to enroll in the sequence. That way they don't need to navigate building one and can just complete the bulk enrollment.

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Send templated email to a list of contacts

@JdeRocquigny sending to a group (mass email, etc.) is definded as a marketing email in HubSpot. Here are a couple of resources:

So your team would need to make the email as a marketing email, then create the list(s) you want to send it to, and send it. You can send emails from contact owner, so it will come from the specific sales person, and by using personalization tokens it will use the contact's first name. 


That's how you'd send to a group. And each contact record will show the emails in them, too. 


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