Send a mail to someone who is not in your database


If you would like to send an internal e-mail, a follow-up mail or a notification to a contact that is not in your database (meaning someone that you do not want to add in your database, such as internal employees), what is the impact of the GDPR settings?


As Hubspot does not send mails to anyone without a legal basis for communicating (a subscription corresponding with the email type you're sending), then it would also not be possible to send follow-up mails or internal mails to e-mailadresses that are not linked to a contact in your database? 


For example: whenever someone fills in a form for vacancies on our website, we want to send a notification to the HR department, which is now done via a follow-up mail on forms or a workflow. The general HR e-mail address is however not registered in Hubspot, so there is no legal basis for communication, nor a subscription type linked to it. Will these kind of mails still be send? If not, how to solve this?

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If this HR email address is from your company you can add it by creating a User Profile in your account settings and then using Workflows to send an internal email to that user profile.

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Hi Roisin,

Could you please elaborate on this a bit more? Would this then mean subscription settings are ignored? Also, that this internal user would not be able to unsubscribe from receiving these internal updates?

We're also struggling with this issue that we want to prevent people unsubscribing from internal notifications that are send within workflows.


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Hi @Ellesyanna,


The email that is associated with an internal email through a workflow will still be sent as a marketing email, so your end user would still be able to opt out of receiving marketing emails, and would still need to be opted in to receive these emails.


If your users are unsubscribing from useful and necessary information, I would recommend partnering with your teams internally to ensure users do not unsubscribe. 


@Kim_HM@MatthewShepherd@Phil_Vallender  do you have any tips for how to keep internal contacts from opting out of emails to ensure they receive internal emails sent through workflows? 


Thank you,