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My send email button is greyed out for all my contacts on the web version of HubSpot. I have tried clearing my cache, opening an incongito window and trying again. I am on an iPad pro using Safari which has a full desktop-class client that reports itself as desktop Safari. I’m not using the iPad app, because I need to use the features like scheduling emails, attachments etc. that the iPad app doesn’t have.


On this device, the send function was working fine consistently until it wasn't and now refuses to do so for any contact. These are all 1:1 emails sent through the Sales CRM.


On the same iPad in Chrome it works. However, on desktop Safari on my main desktop computer (which I don't also have access to when on the road)  it does not.

I understand an easy to write-off solution may be "use Chrome for Hubspot" but (a) my core workspace for my tasks has been through Safari and I would prefer not to migrate for one app, and (b) again, this was working fine until this evening. And neither browser or OS was updated in the time between when it was working and not.



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Hi @ITepoot ,

Might hae happened due to some technical issue. These kind of issues gets resolved themselved. Check again, it might be working fine now.

Hope this helps!

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