Selecting email for basic pipeline workflow


I know that automations require HS pro or enterprise. Right now my startup is using the "starter" package. 


In Deals, I can select "action/add pipeline automation". Then I can select a pipeline stage and select workflow. This leads to a window with a list of options, some with "lock" icons and some without. The lock obviously means I need to purchase pro or enterprise. However, there are several unlocked options.


One of the unlocked options is to send an external communication. 

My issue is that when I select to send an external communications, the form asks me to select an email template.  However, there is a note that says that only emails saved for automation can be selected. To save an email for automation requires pro/enterprise. 


Is this a trick? Lead me down into this "unlocked" path, but then hit a deadend?


Am I missing something? 


Or is this a Hubspots sales tactic to get me here and then hope I'll buy pro/enterprise....


Having a new deal trigger an email to internal and external clients is very basic feature. I find it hard to believe and very dissapointing if this is not included in starter....


Let me know how to create the email I need in starter or that I must buy pro.





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Community Manager

Hi @libmd ,


Thank you for sharing your query in the HubSpot Community.

Would you mind linking me to where you see the unlocked options? ("One of the unlocked options is to send an external communication.)

I'd want to confirm exactly where in your account you are getting this message!