Segregation of logged emails in different leads (same contact)




From the same given contact, a few different leads are created in our organization.


Can I log a specific thread of emails into a specific lead, without logging this same email thread into the other leads where this contact is also involved?


how to do so ?


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Hi @JTarragó ,
What you mean by contacts and leads here? In the HubSpot we have four objects: contacts, companies, deals and tickets. If you are storing your contacts information in teh contacts then for every contact, you can create/login a threa email. Check this article here:

Hope this helps!

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Hello. Thanks for your comment.


I can see the option of logging an e-mail thread with a contact in a LEAD.., but it's a rather manual process.. and is not sync with Gmail (our email server)... With this method, I basically need to copy-paste the content of that email manually into the lead.

What I want to do is:


Customer A brings a few leads to our company.: Lead 1, Lead 2, Lead 3.


We have a few email threads with this customer about different Leads (projects). Eg. e-mail thread 1 (about Lead  1), email thread 2 (about Lead 2), etc...

What we want to achieve is to log the email threads separated in leads. So we can see this in our leads pipeline:

- Lead 1 is linked to customer A, but only e-mail thread 1 is logged in Lead 1
- Lead 2 is linked to customer A, but only e-mail thread 2 is logged in Lead 2



I guess that's not possible.., so we'll have to go the manual way.., but wanted to ask here first.



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We recently developed an integration to create a work around to this. It's still in beta. You can find us on the App Marketplace or please feel free to drop me a DM as HubSpot no longer allow links in messages on this forum! 🙂