Seeking Advice for Managing Large Product Inventory in HubSpot

Hi HubSpot Experts,


I work in a business that deals with selling a variety of branded products. We're updating how we manage our order information in HubSpot.


Our challenge is handling a large product range – over 10,000 SKUs, each with multiple variants and quantity-based pricing. This complexity seems to exceed what HubSpot's standard product system can handle.


Additionally, our orders often include multiple products, which vary in production times. This difference in processing times can cause delays.


I’m looking for the best way to organize this in HubSpot. Here are my ideas:


A) Create multiple properties for each product, like:

“Product 1 SKU”
“Product 1 Status”
“Product 1 Tracking URL” ...and so on for each product.

B) Make a separate deal for each product in an order. These deals could be linked (beta feature) or share a common 'Order Number' property.


C) Use custom objects in some way.


I would really appreciate your opinions or any other suggestions you might have.



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Key Advisor | Diamond Partner
Key Advisor | Diamond Partner

Seeking Advice for Managing Large Product Inventory in HubSpot



Based on the information provided, Option A would be the best way.


You can easily track the SKU, status, and tracking URL of each product. By creating multiple properties for each product, Additionally, custom objects could also be used to further organize your products: 


Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

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