Searching Company by Address - needs enhancement

I really feel that searching by the Company Address is such a basic requirement that it should be available in the Company Search field (the one by Name, Phone or Domain).


I also feel that the Global Search needs to support standard internet searching operators like + and " around a search text.


This way if you want to search for an exact address like "123 main" or +123 +main it would only return those results that match it exactly.


Also, I would recommend that more information appears in the Search results ... right now it shows the company name but I have no idea which one has the address I'm searching for which means that I have to go into each one, etc. 


Another suggestion may be to add a search within each column in the table showing the companies.  Even better.


Lots that could be improved upon in this area.


Has anyone found a good solution to this?  The custom property with the address isn't working well because of the above limitations.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Searching Company by Address - needs enhancement

Hi @SJackson29,


Thank you for reaching out to the Community and for your product feedback 🙂


Have you considered submitting this feedback to the Ideas Forum? The Ideas Forum is the best place to share your thoughts with our product team as they monitor that space. 


I would also like to add our subject matter experts to this conversation to see if they have any insight.

Hi @Ian_Matt, @ChrisoKlepke, @Josh - Are you aware of a workaround to this limitation? Do you have any suggestions for @SJackson29? Thank you!




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