Salesfoce vs Hubspot sales with Hubspot Marketing

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We are Hubspot Pro marketing users and was wondering what the pros/cons of using hubspot sales vs the salesforce integration. Does anyone have any insights on why you would choose one over the other to work with Hubspot marketing pro?

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Hi, @JesRichards. This is a great question with no real right answer. Regardless how you proceed, I strongly encourage setting up test accounts of both solutions, loading some sample data, and walking through basic use cases.


Ultimately, this is a function of your needs and your plans to scale. Neither solution is a substitute for the other; HubSpot Sales is a streamlined, sales-focused solution, while Salesforce offers a significant amount of customization and complexity, with the potential to serve the entire enterprise.


Do you have a straightforward sales process and a well-defined business model? You'll probably be able to get a lot of mileage out of HubSpot Sales, and leverage it with HubSpot automation from the Marketing product. This will also end up being a more cost effective solution. 

Is there more complexity behind all the things your business needs to operate? Do you envision other non-sales teams (like support, customer success, internal helpdesk technicians, etc.) running functionally out of the same tool? Salesforce is more than just its original sales cloud product. You'll have the ability to create your own objects, more robust workflow options, and the ability to create your own custom code. (Be forewarned that too much automation is the rope you can hang yourself with. Be sparing with it, and build out sensibly, regardless who you proceed with.)


With more edge cases and organizational complexity, it'll be necessary for you to store your data in Salesforce, in ways HubSpot may not let you. If the focus is narrower than that, you'll have quicker launch time and reduced costs using HubSpot. 


No singular opinion will properly answer this question. Build, test, and solicit feedback from your team. 

Brad Mampe, Salesforce Analyst, Fidelity
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