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In this article on Hubspot Knowledge I feel there's some contradiction:


In the Note box, it says only deals in Closed Won are taken into account, yet 3 phrases down the line it also says you can use the report to forecast if you select a date range in the future. 


When I select a date range in the future, it just shows the recurring revenue of this months end, for all next coming months, so no recurring revenue that's still in the pipeline (and using the weight of the Deal Stage they are in). 


How can I forecast recurring revenue in Hubspot?  

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Hi! Julia from the Docs team here! Thank you for flagging this! I am going to review this doc and partner with my team to improve the content!

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Hi @jorisbrabants1,


Thank you for your feedback and bringing this to our attention!


The report you are referencing is a known revenue forecast, not a prospective revenue forecast. The data in this report is specifically intended to show a revenue forecast based on your known closed won deals, but will not extrapolate or predict based on other data.


@JuliaMongeau will partner with her team to ensure the knowledge base article is clearer to prevent confusion down the road.


Thank you for your feedback



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