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I would like to be able to unassociate an email from a deal.  I have this happen multiple times where I have a current deal with a company and then send an email using HubSpot to a different contact at the company the email is automatically tied to the open deal.  Is there a way to prevent this?  How do I remove an unrelated email from a deal?



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Yes, this happens to me as well. I found this post because I have the exact same problem. 


It happens if you have multiple deals going all for one large company. In my industry, this happens all the time - and this issue is therefore very frustrating!


Susan at BigCo is your person for Deal 1

Bob at BigCo is your person for Deal 2


Email Susan, and her email appears in Deal 2! Argggh - what a mess! Things get out of hand very fast, and you can make mistakes if you're not careful as you can't tell who you've followed up with, etc.


+1 For this.


I've only just started using Hubspot but I can see this is going to become a pain really quickly. I'd love to have two options added:


  • Remove an idividual email from a deal's timeline
  • Exclude all emails from a specific address for a deal's timeline
HubSpot Product Team

Hey @hesloppy @gilfewster @gilfewster

Thanks for posting! We get this question a lot, you can see a detailed discussion and answer here:  SOLVED: Why are all sales activities appearing in my deal timeline?


By design, all emails, calls, notes, tasks, scheduled meetings, and logged activities on the Associated Contact and Company records will appear on the deal timeline. to confirm the behaviors you are both describing are the tool working as designed. If you have feedback for the Product Team then I'd encourage you to post/vote on the Ideas Forum, with details of how this feature impacts your use of the tool.

If you have any follow up questions please post on the original thread I linked above.