I've been following this closely because I really want to switch from Insightly to Hubspot. The only thing stopping me is recurring. When I'm on Insightly I can set a task to remind me when a client contract is ending so I can reach out to them and renew it. When I mark this as complete the task resets for the same time next year. 


I know that in HubSpot you can't do this in tasks. Is there another way in HubSpot I could do something like this?  It's solely to notify me when a yearly contract has expired. Can I do it in deal instead of task?  Is there any way?

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Hey @HuskyLogic,


Thanks for the post! While you're correct that we cannot create recurring tasks to notify you, there are a couple of different ways that you could tweak your daily workflow in order to view that data as effectively as possible.

1. Each time that you mark a task as "complete" (reached out to them to renew the contract) you could immediately create another task for yourself on that contact record for whenever the new contract expires.

2. You could create a custom date picker property in HubSpot for the day that the contract expires. After that, you could create a saved filter in the CRM of every contact's expiration date being "today" which would pull in every contact whose contract expires on that given day (it's dynamic - you don't have to set a calendar date). With that, you could go through that list of contacts with contract expirations that day, then reach out to them and change that custom property's date to the next expiration date

Essentially both of these resolutions would require a bit of a change in your daily workflow, though they're both pretty straight forward and would not require much time on your end.


Definitely let me know if you have any questions at all about this!


Why can't you add recurring tasks?

I have seen hundreds of requests for this feature in the forums?

Please let us know when this option will be added.


This should be a basic function of a CRM. We are not asking our sales team to spend more time doing steps that other systems can easily support.


Hi, is there any progress? We need to get a notification when recurring contracts going to expire We have b2b business so we have to be notified several months before to start negotiating.