I'm looking for a tool to keep a record of discounts granted for referrals. 
Here's how the system works: every customer who successfully recommends our services to another company receives a 10 pound discount. 
I'm looking for a tool in Hubspot that will allow me to assign to the "referral" companies that have come to us thanks to him. The tool would allow us to count the active referral companies. 
This property should be available for search from the search engine
Is there a tool within Hubspot that would meet these requirements?


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Hi @KamilH,


Only thing that leaps immediately to mind is Parent/Child companies (


You could set each referral up as a "child" of the "Parent" company (referrer).  It's not searchable, per se, but you can easily see children of an individual company under "Related Companies" info panel.  

You can also set up an active list with the criteria "Parent Company" (under Company properties) "is known" and order by Parent Company to get a quick overview (albeit ont a count) of your referrers.


Let me know if this helps, or if you'd like any further info on any of the above. 

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