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Hi Róisín,

My name is Coby.  I with my family run a worldwide executive transportation company.  Starting to use the free CRM version.  Understand creating companies and contacts as well as creating custom properties.


My scenario is this:  I have passengers, who are supported by Executive Assistants or Travel/Destination Management Reps.  These EAs and Reps do most of the booking of cars for these passengers.


Thought to create contacts for ALL.  Question I have is, can the contacts be tied to each other.  What I wish to see and label is a property called "Supported by" and "Support to".   Then I hope, when creating a contact, to be able to drop down under each these properties and choosing from the contacts I have created.  I will have EA contacts supporting multiple contacts, so I wish to be able to pick multiple contacts from these dropdowns.  FYI, I did create 2 custom properties....1 which is labeled "Role" with multiple checkboxes being able to be chosen with options: Passengers, EAs and Travel/DMC Rep.


Thoughts? Ideas?

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @Coby_Uziel the HubSpot CRM is designed to store contact records for a business's leads and customers. Therefore contact records can only be associated by their Company's domain, e.g. all contacts with the email would be associated to the contact record HubSpot. 


There is also the option to assign contacts to an OWNER, this owner is not a contact in your CRM but a user - see more here


Correct me if I have misunderstood your post, but what you are describing above sounds more like an internal management process/system.