Questions not pulling through in contact sidebar

Hoping someone can help! Re-directed here from live chat.


I’ve discovered that three questions on a live form on our website is not pulling through to the form on the left contact sidebar.


It says this: 

“This value wasn’t passed to the contact record." and that it "isn’t one of the allowed options.”


Live chat looked into it and said:

"Alright so I found on the form submission that HubSpot did grab that information giving the reason that it could not add it because the question is not a created property in your HubSpot account. However, looking within your custom properties, I am seeing it was added and is in your HubSpot account. I am trying to investigate why HubSpot can grab the other other questions but not these two in particular."


Please can someone help?

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Questions not pulling through in contact sidebar

Hey @JJardine 


Welcome to the Community!


It seems this error typically occurs when using a dropdown/checkbox field type. To fix this, you can change the field type from checkbox to radio select. In the property settings by navigating to Settings > Properties > Search for the property name and change the field type there. 


I hope this helps




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