Querying or filtering meetings from contacts view


Hi there. We use Hubspot as our CRM tool. We also synchronize with Google Calendar.

Which means that whenever we schedule a meeting with Google Calendar with a given contact, it creates automatically a meeting in the contact timeline (e.g.: You had a meeting with ...).


What I'd like to do is make a query on contacts with whom I (or someone from my team) have had a meeting over a certain period. Typically for reporting reasons, I would like to know how many and with whom I've had meetings over the last week.

Or make queries on meetings over the last year AND country=Germany AND industry = automotive.


This type of query. I can't really find how to do it, as I can't find in the contact filters any property that would do (the "last meeting booked" does not work)...


Thanks in advance !

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Hi @PatrickM !


You wouldn't actually be able to create a view based upon whether you had scheduled a meeting with a contact - this is because view filtering criteria are based on contact property values, and not engagements. Since meetings are an engagement (they appear on a contact's timeline but are not reflected in any contact properties), you wouldn't be able to filter contacts by them in Views.


However, you should be able to see how many meetings were made in a given time period in the Productivity widget on your dashboard. This will show how many meetings (and calls and emails) were scheduled during the time period that was set for your dashboard. You can read more about this widget here: https://knowledge.hubspot.com/articles/kcs_article/dashboard/how-can-i-view-my-teams-productivity-in...


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I'm a new HubSpot user and like the person who started this thread, I would find it extremely useful to create a contacts filter of all the meetings I've held during a specific period.  I've noted that all the filters relating to meetings don't work so I'm unsure why they are there.  The thread started in 2017 so I would have hoped that there would have been some progress on this.  


Is there any way to create a filter that shows meetings held during a period - not just a summary number (ie 10 meetings in November say) but Meetings with x during November?


Yes, please update us if such feature are created.