Property history for contact - source of change "HubSpot User"

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Might be  weird question, but I am trying to determine how someone was opted out of email in a client account.  All I can see in the change history for that contact is : 


When the source of the change shows up like this, does that mean it was something that the actual contact itself did?  For other changes, I usually see something like it being attributed to a specific sales rep or someone within the account, or if it was triggered by a workflow. 


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Hi @LHinrichsen! Is it possible that an Import was done on that date around that time? It could be that a "Yes" field was mapped to the Opt Out property and accidentally set. The fact that is shows "Hubspot User" did it, makes me think a user account that has since been deleted performed this action. Is that a possibility? 


I would contact Support on this one and see if they can get more information from their side about who exactly performed this action and how.

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