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I am REALLY lost. Ok - I have forms that are used in multiple landing pages.  These forms use the same properties. 

e.g. Yes/No, Number Attending etc properties


When I create a list, is Hubspot ONLY respecting property fields? Even if the list is set to only show those that filled out XX Form on XX Landing Page? because the properties updated it will update that regardless of the Landing Page?


Example: Contact A - Fills out Form A (says Yes for Yes/No Property) on XYZ Landing Page.  Contact A - Also Fills out Form A (says NO for Yes/No Property) on ABC Landing Page.  List 1 is set to show those that have said "Yes" to Form A on XYZ Page. List 2 is set to show those that have said "No" to Form A on ABC Landing Page. Contact A fills out Form A on XYZ Landing Page BEFORE Form A on ABC Landing Page.  Now Contact A is NOT on List 1 AND IS ON List 2.  


How do I prevent this from happening? Do I have to create NEW PROPERTIES and NEW FORMS for every event I do? I have multiple events where the same forms can be used and the same contacts will get invited.  What am I missing? 

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>>"How do I prevent this from happening?"

You must design your custom properties to prevent this behavior.


>>"Do I have to create NEW PROPERTIES and NEW FORMS for every event I do?"


Short Answer:
It depends on how you've defined your custom properties.

Recommendation: Read this thread and come back here with questions.

Longer Answer:
Whether or not you need to create 'new properties' or just add options to your existing custom event properties depends on how you've defined those custom properties. Also, if you define your custom event property as described in that thread (above), you'll increase the likelihood that you're able to re-use your same forms.

Finally, managing event attendance in HubSpot is no small task. All the tools are there, but the platform isn't designed to do this out-the-box.

Hang in there.


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Hope that helps.


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