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We're just starting to use products, we're offering SaaS tool with recurring charged. 

We charge per user, 12 months upfront. 


We've added products per plan, when creating the product/quote we'd add the amount of users into the amount field. 


The contract term is usually 12 months, but if the amount of users increases over the agreed amount we charge for this increase on a quarterly base. So we would only create a new deal for the renewal of the contract. 


How do you handle this with products, do you just adapt the "Amount" in the existing products? How do we then keep track of that? Can anyone share how they do it? 

Thanks a lot. 

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Hi @Leadia,


I want to tag in some subject matter experts to see if they have any insight on how to handle a set up like this. 


@Phil_DM2@Nynke_HM@Mike_Eastwood do you have any suggestions or tips for @Leadia?


Thank you,

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Hi @Leadia , thanks for the intro @jennysowyrda 


For our business I use a normal Sales Pipeline with a typical Sales Process. When a Deal reaches "Closed Won" it gets pushed into a second Pipeline Work In Progress which is where Project Work is monitored.


We also have a third Deal Pipeline (which is what may work for you) where we track Recurring Revenue (retainer work) and Commissions (from software sales). This lets me see, at a glance, our recurring revenues.


Ultimately the best solution will be a custom admin dashboard in your software. Your dev team can automatically push deals into HubSpot using the API.


Happy to discuss.