Product library with no unit price


I'd like to add new products/services in our product library, so that it's easier for sales people to pull them in their deals vs adding manually. 

However, I struggle with the unit price. For many of our services there is no such thing as a "unit price". It will be simply estimated case by case. 

Is there any way to upload a new product/service without unit price? 



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Guide | Diamond Partner
Guide | Diamond Partner

Product library with no unit price

Hi @Edyta7510 ,

While creating a product, it will require a unit price as well as that is a required field in the products and quotes tool, maybe what I can recommend is seeing that it is a case to case basis, you and your team can consider setting it to $0 first as a one-time frequency and once you do know the price of that particular service you can then edit the price accordingly.

You can manually set it for one service and in the future, a similar deal comes along with the same price you can then pull in that existing product.

Hope this helps!