Product Line Items - Annual Billing / 15 months Duration

We have annual contracts setup in Product library. In the scenario that we want to make a deal with the prospect to get the price of the 12 month annual contract + 3 months for free (start date at payment) How can we set up the product lines in Hubspot so that the End date in to be 15 months from Payment date?


We tried changing the months to over 12 but Hubspot doesn't allow us to do so because it is an annual deal.


Any advice?

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Key Advisor | Partner

Product Line Items - Annual Billing / 15 months Duration

Hey @NTzimponis The only workaround for this I can think of would be to use 2 line items, 1 for "3 months free" which could either be set to a 0 price, or have the price offset in the "one time discount" section of the quote. 
The second line item would be the "annual contract" which would have the annual pricing, you could then set the annual pricing to delay billing by 3 months. 

I believe this may however mean that the total price of the annual line-item may not have to be paid until after the 3 month delay, which may not suit. 
I'm not entirely sure of this however (I'm outside the U.S. so don't have access to HubSpot payments right now to test). But it's the only workaround I can seem to find for this! 

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Product Line Items - Annual Billing / 15 months Duration

Hi @NTzimponis,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!

Great question 🙂


I wanted to invite our subject matter experts to see if they have insight.

Hi @Franci@franksteiner79@TomM2 - Do you have any advice for @NTzimponis?

Thank you!




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