Product Library - can I turn this off?


The Product Library just appeared in our new deal creation window and we don't want it there. We are a financial services company and don't have an average size deal that this would apply to. I see no way to turn it off, and my sales people are able to create products. Only admin or product managers should be able to create new products. If I could turn this feature off, it would greatly help.


It seems like the features we ask for are being ignored, and the ones we don't need appear without warning. I'm getting frustrated with the CRM because of this.

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HubSpot Product Team

Hey @mktgqueen thank you for your post. 

In answer to your question, it is not possible to remove this feature as it is part of the core offering of HubSpot CRM & Sales Hub.


This was a very in-demand feature over the last two years and much of the feedback that drove the creation of this tool was taken from the ideas forum.


Is there a particular idea/feature request you would like further context / an update on?


It was not part of the core offering when we signed up for HubSpot.

I understand that many companies want it/requested it, but those of us that have no use for it find it distracting and unnecessary. Without the ability to turn it off, it creates more work on behalf of my admin team. It shows as a field on the deal creation tab and my 80 sales people see it and use it - even though they aren't supposed to.


The admin has the capability to include or not include fields in the deal creation screen, the product library should be one that admins can toggle on or off, as needed.