Problems with archiving properties

As an admin i should be able to archive a property, to make sure our CRM is clean - but it is not possible if ANY user has used this property in a view. Instead I have to either:
1. create a new view exluding this property and save it, delete the old view
2. Ask for this user to go in and make the needed changes.

Nr1 is not optimal as the user will loose this view under "my views", and number 2 is time consuming as people find it hard to know how to, and even if they remove it, it might stil lbe in the "system" because, if the user has actually filtered on this property earlier and saved it, it will still be in there. They have to remove the property from their view, filter/sort the view on some other property and then save it. SUPER time consuming.

As and admin I should be able to go in there, remove it and save it for them. End of story.

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Problems with archiving properties

Hi @Kristiina,


I see your point, this would indeed be very useful. The best place for these kinds of requests is the HubSpot Ideas section of the community:


The product team reviews these requests based on their popularity.


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