Printing Deal/Contacts/Company with the same format as webpage.

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When printing either a Deal or Contact/Company it is minimized in a corner to the point where you cannot even see it. I would like there to be a way to print and see all the information that has been collected to include the timeline.

When exporting to a spreadsheet, it is not only time consuming but does not show everything. Not to mention it is not easy on the eyes when you have a lot of data. 

I would like there to be a way were you can print individually with either the same format as shown on each individual Deal/Contacts/Company or a new one that is easy on the eyes. This can be vital for presentations or status updates for the higher. Please help!

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Hi @DerrickRG1! Thanks for your post.


The HubSpot interface was not designed to be printed. If it is necessary to print off data from HubSpot then I recommend taking a screenshot of your whole browser window and then printing out that image!


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Here's a simplified breakdown of my workaround (involves Zapier integration):


1. Create a workflow that triggers a Zapier "Zap" through a webhook

2. Format the Zap to Catch Hook>Format Date/Time>Format Text>Create a Google Document from text/Print through Google cloud print

3. Win


I use a custom field (Print - radial) to trigger the HubSpot workflow.


This can be done for Deals/Contact/Companies.


Zapier is a robust platform that allows for nearly infinite possibilities. It requires self-education - but there are plenty of online resources.  


Hope this helps!