Primary Association from CSV Upload

My organization is having trouble uploading contact info via CSV import from our old CRM into Hubspot. We have Company Name complete for each contact, but email addresses for only some of the contacts. It appears Hubspot only references the email domain when creating associations for our contacts. This is creating issues becuase Hubspot associates the contacts without emails to LinkedIn instead of to the company in the Company Name field on the CSV upload. 

Anyone know a work around besides manually associating each contact? 


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Primary Association from CSV Upload

Hey @BTuttle4 ,


I would reccomend checking out Associ8 in the App Marketplace. It allows you to automatically associate objects based off a common property between the objects (such as Company Name). 


Associ8 leverages workflows so here is what your workflow might look like for this use case:

Contact to company based off comany name.png

Feel free to send me a message if you have any questions about this.


Hope this helps!