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Previous CRM not allowing me access to data

Hi there!


I'm trying to migrate from a previous CRM which will remain nameless(!). They do not make it easy for me to export data from the CRM so that I can import if to Hubspot - however, I have managed to do this with the contacts. 


However, all the emails were sent via and received back to the CRM itself, as opposed to an email account, so I, therefore, cannot export the information and they are refusing to provide me with copies of the data. 


I wonder if anyone knows whether they have an obligation to provide the data, as it contains historical information about our customers and our staff. I'm based in the UK so GDPR applies. 


If anyone knows, it would be very helpful to understand if they are obliged to provide a record of all the historical data. 


my best




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Previous CRM not allowing me access to data

Hi @benzil,


Thanks for reaching out.

I can't confirm if they are obliged to provide the data, but I would recommend checking out the CRM's terms and conditions. Maybe you can find something in there.


All the best!


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