Phone number don't show up


I have a problem with phone numbers. I have landing page conected with hubspot ( link ). Few months ago it was fine - someone left their contact data (name, phone number and email) and I can see it. Now I can see everything except phone number (as below).  I know that customers leave their phone numbers and it just do not apear here... I checked the problem with technical department of our landing page and on their freelance website all of the numbers are avaliable. But it's anoying to go to other page to copy numbers and paste it to hubspot. That wasn't my point of using hubspot 😞 Please help....  



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Phone number don't show up

This form doesn't seem like a Hubspot form so the issue is definitely with mapping fields of this form with the HubSpot properties.


Are you using any integration to send data to HubSpot? If yes, then it is required to check the mapping with the correct internal name of the phone number property that might be an issue.



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Phone number don't show up

Hi @SGrabanBychow. That's an annoying issue. My question is if it could be possible that the "phone" number field being used on the form is not the same one as you're trying to view in the table you show. For example, the Business Phone field could have been used on the form, but you're looking at the Phone, or Mobile Phone field. There can be many phone fields and the form could have changed since it was created. Did you verify with the tech department exactly which field is on the form and make sure you are calling the right one in to your view?

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