Partner deals - How to add partner discounts to deals

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We are working a lot with partners that resell our solutions.

Logically, they have discounts on our licenses, software maintenance and services.

Such discounts need to be taken into consideration in the pipeline, too, as they are reducing the net amount to be expected from a deal compared to direct deals.

Has anyone found a good approach to deal wit this topic?

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Hi @Arne,


If you have access to multiple pipelines, you could create a second pipeline specific to the partner lifecycle.


Additionally, you can use products to control pricing and discounts of your services and softwares. 


@Kapil_Arora do you have any thoughts on how to organize this? 


Thank you,


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Most likely, I will generate additional Deal properties such as

a) "Partner involved" to name the partner (unfortunately HubSpot does not support look up / search in crm to select the partner thus we may have typos, short names etc which have a negative impact on reporting/analytics. Also such a look up option would create a connection to the "Partner involved" at proper company document level

b) a "Partner discount" field to enter a natural number (since you don´t support percentages in Number fields) and then

c) an additional Calculation field that calculates the "Partner Margin" which then gets subtracted from the "Amount in Company Currency" to then finally have everything at hand to run proper forecast / revenue analytics


Do you agree that things could be easier? :-)

I am sure we are not the only company that sells solutions via a network of channel partners and I guess they all have similar issues.


Also: I do not understand why in Quotes the discounts at the bottom, i.e. not those at the line level per product, do not support percentages. It would be so easy to simply use that for partner discounts and from there the information about the reduced net revenue would make it into opportunity reports automatically.

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Hi Jenny,

HubSpot product team would do all of us working with partners a great favour if it simple adds a Deal Property field where we can enter the respective partner‘s discount.
At deals level this would reduce the net amount in company currency and the dashboards will show correct figures.
If you can do that, we’ll be happy.
Have a great day.
Kind regards