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Is there a way to override the unengaged contact suppression for a single contact? I have just had an telephone conversation with a customer who wants to receive our monthly enewsletter. They are already on this recipient list but don't get the emails as they are flagged as unengaged. I've tried re-sending the opt-in email but their opt-in and consent are still live.  

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Hi @NChapman,


If this is indeed about the contact considered unengaged, it would simply be a checkbox in the "Send or schedule" tab of the email editor:




You would either either have to uncheck the "Don't send to unengaged contacts" checkbox or the contact would have to open and click the last email they received. A contact will be categorized as unengaged if they meet one of the following criteria:

  • Never opened a marketing email from you and hasn't opened the last 11 emails you've sent them.
  • Previously opened a marketing email from you but haven't opened the last 16 emails you've sent them.


There is also the chance that the contact was suppressed because of another reason. When you navigate to your marketing email, in the "Recipients" tab, you should see a menu point "Not sent". In here, search for the contact and you should see an explanation as to why the contact was excluded.


Here are some of the common causes at one glance:


Are you using the marketing contacts functionality? If yes, are all recipients marked as marketing contacts? (HubSpot will not send emails to non-marketing contacts.)


Are you using an exclusion / suppression list in the Recipients tab of the email? (Do not send to dropdown)


Do you have the GDPR settings enabled? If yes, you might have restricted email sends to contacts who have a legal basis for communication only. In that case, you would have to update your contact's subscriptions.


Have some of the contacts previously bounced? You can check by filtering your recipient list by "Email hard bounce reason is known".


Did you already hit your monthly email send limit? (5X marketing contact tier)


Have some of the contacts previously unsubscribed? You can check by filtering your recipient list by "Unsubscribed from all email is equal to True"


Hope this helps!

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