Organizing contacts by deal pipeline status


Quick question for the community that I can't find the answer to: 


I am looking to add a column to the contact list (effectively just a property to contacts) that will allow me to organize them by status(es) of the deal(s) they are associated with in our sales pipeline.


For example, we want to be able to identify all our contacts in the system who are connected to deals that are in the "Lost" column in our sales pipeline.


Is there a way to create a field for customers that updates automatically based on what stage in the pipeline their current deal/s are?


Thank you!


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Hey @JakeDailyPay when you are looking at all your Contacts, you are able to use filters on the left-hand side under 'View'. Perhaps applying the filters below might help you with this goal:


Screen Shot 2017-06-12 at 15.59.25.png


Hi @roisinkirby, thanks for the reply! 


I see what you're saying, and I made it that far. 'Associated deals' is close, but it only gives the number of deals a contact is associated with. What I'm looking to show is the Pipeline status of the deal that contact is associated with. 


Do you know of a direct way or a workaround to filter contacts this way?





I agree! 


I would love to be able to add a "deal stage" property to contacts that automatically updates the contact's deal stage for which they are associated when it chages. 


The only way to do this right now is to manually add a "deal stage" property and manually update it when the contact deal stage changes, but this is definitely not ideal.


I would love to have a "deal stage" field property for contacts that automatically udpates when the assocaited deal updates it's stage as well.

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I agree with you.  The other idea that I had is to create a workflow that makes a change in a property like Lead Status (creating previously a state for lost deals) that update the state of the contact to the lost deal status when I manually move a deal to the lost column.