Opera for Mac Browser - Couldn't Make Call Call Using Opera Browser

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Hey team, it's spotX here I just tried using Opera Browser with HubSpot and I found that there is an issue for me calling out. 

I've attached the screen shot of the error that pop up to my screen... 

What have I done before submitting this post looking for help are as following:

  1. I tried to reset permission in opera browser already.
  2. I go ahead and recheck the site will allow Opera Browser device permission already it is all to allow or ask as default.
  3. I refresh the browser already, quit and restart everything from the beginning..

And I still couldn't make it work... Does anyone have this experience before? Can you kindly please advise me on how do I tackle this issue and make Opera for Mac work?


Attached are the details of the error that appear on my end.


Screen Shot 2563-05-24 at 15.10.22.pngScreen Shot 2563-05-24 at 15.11.37.png

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Administrador de la comunidad

Opera for Mac Browser - Couldn't Make Call Call Using Opera Browser

Hello @spotX 


After doing some research, it looks like Opera Browser is not accepted as a supported web browser.

A supported web browser is required for full functionality of HubSpot's features.

My recommendation would be trying these steps in Chrome browser to see if resolves the error of the microphone not working 


Let us know if that works.







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