Odd occurances in CRM

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Hi Jenny,


I am 99% sure the changes our IT department made are presenting challenges for me.

About us:

Free crm

windows 10 pro

google chrome browser - most up to date

no other browsers tried since this is your prefered

all cache, cookies and history deleted



Randomly logged out of crm in the middle of selecting a company from the contact record.

The correct stored password would not work.

Manually entered correct password would not work.

Cleared cache, cookies and history, rebooted computer.

stored password worked.

activity timeline missing. but notes, calls, tasks and emails are there under their tabs.


HELP......... All information I need only exists in the activity timeline. 






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Hi @gelflex-cc,


Have you tried connecting over multiple internet connections and browsers? It sounds like an interruption is being made to your browser's session, causing you to be logged out. If there are any updates for your browser available, I would recommend updating the browser as well. 


Thank you,

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