Notes and tasks in Deals not saved or lost

Hello everyone,


for a few months now, we've been having issues with storing notes and tasks in Hubspot CRM. Multiple employees have reported missing some notes or tasks they have saved to a particular deal or contact. This happens occasionally - I'd say 99% it works fine, but we run in such an issue in some cases.


Is there any known bug or issues that could be causing this?


Thanks for any help.

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Community Manager
Community Manager

Notes and tasks in Deals not saved or lost

Hi @OndrejSi,


Thanks for reaching out! 


For status updates on the HubSpot tool, I would recommend reviewing the status page here to see if there was an issue related to notes.


I would suggest clearing your cache and cookies as a first step. Here are a couple of step-by-step articles below from Google below for you. 

Google | Clear cache and cookies

Google | Incognito mode


If this issue still persists after clearing cache,  would you be able to replicate these steps again and record the steps you are doing to see if the same outcome occurs?


If you do not have a video recording tool, I would highly recommend using




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