Not receiving inbound emails to hubspot


Good Afternoon,


My issue is I have set up an email as well as the correct email forwarding to get the integrated email working.


However if a contact emails me at my hubspot email address (which is set up for forwarding) I do not get any notification of an email and it does not show in hubspot. All that appears to show is replies to email that I have sent from hubspot.


Further. When a contact does reply to an email. There appears to be no form of notification in hubspot. I just have to manually go to the contact and see if that contact has sent me any emails.


What am I doing wrong?

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@OliverBrason I am confused, please clarify.


Do you have one email for sending and another connected to HubSpot so you sue the forward?


Is your email integrated?


Do you use gmail or outlook or outlook 365 through a browser?


Do you have the email plugins for gmail or outlook?