Not able to send emails


I'm a free hubspot user.


I send out quite a few 1-1 emails on a daily basis. Some of to official email id's and some to their gmail ids. I have never used email marketing feature but only been sending 1-1 emails.


I now started receiving email alerts from Hubspot which says - "There was an issue sending your email from the CRM"


I did check on the help article where there were many reasons mentioned. I even had a chat with chatt support team who said there are some restrictions being placed on muaccount. He wouldn't say why or what are they. He just asked to contact tech support for more details


Unfortunately, i do not have access to their tech team since i'm on the free plan


How di i figure out what the restrcitions are and why have they been placed? I can only speculate a lot of reasons but without getting a confirmation from Hubspot, i will never know what these are.


Surprisingly, i have not sent more than 80 1-1 emails in the last few weeks. I'm now not able to send any 1-1 emails and wondering what happened and how to get this rectified soon

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I'm not sure about restrictions. However, the 1-1 sales emails use either your Gmail or Outlook to send. Usually the issue is the connection to your Gmail or Outlook account needs to be re-authorized.