Not able to login from a new computer

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I normally work from a Lenovo laptop, however it went down.  I am using a Surface Pro pc  When I logged in with my credentials the system immediately took me to a Welcoome page asking me to enter a 6-digit verificaiton code.


I should mention that I am posting this from my HubSpot account for personal contacts.  I also have a HubSpot account for business contacts.  That is the account I can not log into from this computer.  


The last two digits posted for my phone are correct but I have not received the verificaiton codes.  It does not give me an option to revieve the codes by email. 


Can anyone help?


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Hey @AdolfoPro 


Thank you for reaching out!


I'm able to see you have received and opened the email with the code. If you received this email in your spam folder,  I'll recommend reaching out to your IT team in order to add to your email server allowlist, as explained here.




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