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I am wondering how other nonprofits using Hubspot are managing their donations/donors. I've used CRM systems like Raiser's Edge that are designed for nonprofits, that can populate contacts' full giving history, and history by category (i.e. an event or a fundraising campaign). Is this possible in HubSpot and what is the best way to go about it?
I'm also trying to figure out the best ways for us to include data for our support base that crosses both lines of customer and donor. My long-term idea (which may or may not be possible with HS?) is that we could pull up a contact and see all corporate orders, all donations, and all online and retail store transactions in one place, and that we could sort our contacts by total spent and/or donated over their history with us, i.e. all customers/donors at levels such as $2,500-$5,000, $5,000-$10,000, $10K and up (just examples, they might be lower or higher amounts for different appeals).
Would appreciate any insight into this as I am very excited about using hubspot for my nonprofit!
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Hi @alexacree 


Apologies for the delay in responding to your inquiry.

I wanted to share a few resources that might help you:

- Free Nonprofit Resources

- Nonprofit and Education case studies


Also I will tag in a Community contributor who may have advice for you.

@Josh Have you seen any similar use case?

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I am looking for similar functionality. Ideally, you would be able to see the contact's giving history, which each donation attached to a specific campaign, in the activity feed on the contact record. Adding these as notes doesn't work because I also want to be able to report on the data.


I'm trying to figure out if properties or deals is the best route. The downside of properties is that the data would be pretty hidden — you'd have to run reports to see it, whereas I want to be able to surface the entire giving history on the contact record. Deals seems like a better option, but it's not ideal for running several massive campaigns, as I would want to enroll everyone who receives the appeal so I can also see people who didn't donate. Additionally, the deals pipeline seems better suited for tracking solicitations of high-level donors. 


Any insight from the HubSpot team would be appreciated!

Hey Shayne, Did you manage to find more info on this? We are a small charity looking to have similar functionality as part of our CMS package. Best Wishes Ryan
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@StefaniUAT do you know any non-profit scenario that you can share here?

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@ryanjarvisx, we are still working on this implementation so I can't tell you how it's panned out yet, but the solution we eventually landed on was to use QGiv as an online donation platform and use Zapier to feed the QGiv donations into HubSpot. It adds some complication because the Zapier integration has a couple of steps — you first need to create the contact, then create the deal, then associate the deal with the contact — but in theory each new donation will automatically become a deal in HubSpot. While the view of the donor's past donations on the contact record is not ideal (the deals are off to the bottom of the right-hand sidebar), it will at least get the information into HubSpot in a way that can be reported on. 


You could also do it this way without QGiv or an online donation platform by manually adding each new donation as a deal. You could also have multiple deals pipelines, one for smaller, one-off donations, and another for higher-level donor relationships that you are cultivating. (I believe having mutliple donor pipelines requires at least Sales Hub Starter.)


Would still welcome any additional insights or best practices from HubSpot!


Yes, this would be helpful for us too. We need the ability to manage donations easily, looking into a contact to see donation history as well as total year-to-date donations for the contact. The ability to pull reports based on donation amount / ranges as  you mentioned would be great too.  As not-for-profits like ours use Hubspot, it would be great if Hubspot could build more of these features that Salesforce has, even as part of it's core CRM. 


We are currently exploring Hubspot as an end all be all for our non profit. We have so many tools that we are frankensteining together, that it becomes so complicated keeping track of them all, as well as getting them to sync together perfectly requires time, energy and endless funds that we just do not have. It would be wonderful if Hubspot were able to figure out a way to showcase membership, donation history, and overall engagement for all of our contacts. We would gladly migrate everything over to Hubspot if this were the case. 

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Hi everyone, thank you for sharing your feedback here.

I think it will be great to create an Idea post in the Ideas Forum to make this conversation as an official feedback to the Product Team. What do you guys think?


If anyone in this conversations could create and publish a post in the ideas Forum, could you please share the link in this thread so that anyone who finds this thread can go ahead to upvote the idea😀

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Haley!  We do set up this exact fix for nonprofits - I hope this function does not stand between you and your nonprofit using the best CRM out here!  We work exclusively with B Corps and Nonprofits and have found great work arounds for this! 

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Hey HS community!  


I am looking for some of the same things for my clients but I did want to share some solutions that have worked for me to get donations from Stripe into Hubspot in a meaningful way.  Since the Hubspot tracking code is on the website I am able to attribute the donations to a campaign based on the form fill but I have not set it up to attribute the there are some reporting gaps in Hubspot but we can make up for them elsewhere.  


This solution works with Stripe donations.  Some changes may need to be made if you do not use WP Full Stripe but this general setup will only need a slight change for other Stripe based payments.  Similar concepts can be used with other payment gateways - you would just change how you filter for recurring and one-off donations based on how that information is pulled into Zapier based on your payment gateway and plugin choice for collecting your donations.  


One other things to note - if you use a tool that separates the first and last name then you will not need that step to split the text.


Maybe someone else has a recommendation for me to calculate the fields or attribute changes in those fields to a campaign?  


The 4 Zaps I am sharing here set the following custom properties that I created for donations (5 & 7 steps) and then I run a WF to set the donor status based on our donor tiers (we have used this solution for several nonprofits):


  1. Total cash donations 
  2. Last cash donation amount
  3. Last cash donation date
  4. First cash donation date
  5. First cash donation amount
  6. Number of times donor has donated 
  7. Recurring monthly cash donation 
  8. Donor Status (multi-checkbox - will update this status in a WF)

***You could easily add a step to create a deal in here as well and map these to deal properties instead - this would ensure that you get all of those other properties that people have mentioned like the total for the year, largest donation, etc.  I will be udpating my own Zaps in the next week to accomplish this so if you want those Zaps when I am done just let me know!***


Here they are:


First Donation - Non Recurring

First Donation - Recurring

Multiple Donations - Non-Recurring

Multiple Donations - Recurring