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Hi guys,


I have a Wordpress website with Ninja forms. Recently i installed the Hubspot plugin. Because i dont want to rebuild my forms, i use the non-hubspot forms functionality. At first, it worked great. I tested one of my forms, and it works.


After a week i noticed none of the submissions by website users was collected. So i tested using my own email again; and it works. Now i tested it again using another email adress, and the submission was not collected. This email adress was already in the CRM, so the problem is not that Hubspot cant create contacts. The whole submission is not collected anywhere in Hubspot (however Ninja forms collects them perfectly)


In summary; only my own email adress is collected. What is going wrong?

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Hello @ProgrammErik 


Could you please confirm that your form is under the requirements for non-HubSpot forms here?

Also, it may have a possibility that all of these form submissions are being associated with the same contact because they have the same cookie value.  Are you able to see other emails associated with your contact in HubSpot?

 The more information, screenshots, and details you can provide, the better I can advise on the next steps.





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Hi Pam,


Thanks for your response. You are right; i found Ninja forms is using a input type = button instead of input type = submit. I have found a workaround (html field in the form instead of the normal Ninja form submit button) so hubspot is collecting the submission, but now ninja forms doesn't collect anything.  You gat any clues? I also asked this question in the wordpress forums, have not found a solution yet.


Also; how is it possible that Hubpot can collect any submissions with my own email adress? Also using the same form.


PS: the form (using the normal Ninja form button) is here: